What is Detox?

Detox is the first level of care in the process of treating drug and alcohol addiction.  The foundation of anyone’s sobriety starts with detox.

Why is detox necessary?

Detox can not only be a very uncomfortable process but can also be a very dangerous one.  Without proper medical care, withdrawal symptoms can be fatal.  Believe it or not, with the medical care Brentwood Springs provides, the detox process can be almost painless.

What does Brentwood Springs do to ease withdrawal?

Brentwood Springs uses carefully selected medications customized for each individuals detox experience.  Along with personal, round the clock medical attention, we are able to gauge and fulfil the needs of each individual.

What is your 5 day protocol?

Every detox varies from client to client.  However, in most circumstances we can complete your detox treatment in 5 days.  Some people are not prepared to make the commitment to attend treatment and step away from their lives for months at a time.  Your 5 days at Brentwood Springs can be used to evaluate all your options and make the most informed decision possible, while removing your physical addiction.

Can I really detox in 5 days?

Yes!  We have a lot of experience and success in detoxing individuals within 5 days.  Our admissions team will give you more information: 615-969-8612

How expensive is detoxing at Brentwood Springs?

It is very affordable, especially in comparison to a local hospital detox protocol.

Is Insurance Accepted?

Yes, all major insurances are accepted.

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